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  • BBC radio interview

    BBC radio interview

    Chris and James from the Cornwall clubs were invited to BBC Radio Cornwall in Truro last week to talk to Tiffany Truscott about their experiences with Tai Chi. Chris learned Tai Chi at Chee Soo’s classes in Leamington and Coventry and taught a club for the Students’ Union at The University of Warwick in the…

  • Wuwei


    Wuwei (无为) often translated as “non-action,” is a fundamental concept in Taoist philosophy and has an important role in the practice of Tai Chi. While it may sound like doing nothing, wuwei is actually a way of acting without forcing or interfering with natural processes. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of…

  • Sticky hands

    Sticky hands

    Tai Chi is a practice that is steeped in Taoist philosophy. The practice involves slow, flowing movements that aim to cultivate internal energy, or qi, and develop a sense of harmony with the universe. One of the most important aspects of Tai Chi is Sticky Hands, also known as Yifu Shou (依附手). In this post,…